Welcome, Flutists!

Here, flutists have a forum for sharing  flute facts, links and resources as well as a place to connect with members.  Followers will find a calendar of upcoming performances and rehearsals, and information on how to join the flute choir or book the group for an event.

I’m really not the Grinch…

…but I sure feel like him right now.  As you may have assumed, I am unable to resume flute choir this season.  Between health, home, and other issues, I need to take a hiatus and don’t want to burden anyone with preparing the group for winter performances.  We will not be performing at Phipp’s or the Wintergarden.  Once we’re into the new year, things should be a bit calmer around here and we’ll begin again.

I wish all of you the most blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas and please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your understanding.




Happy Spring!!!!

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter and are enjoying the spurts of green and other joys of nature that have arrived in the past few weeks!

What is that saying about good intentions? Well, I had every intention on resuming flute choir rehearsals after Easter, but I’ve experienced some damage at my house after my furnace exploded (I wasn’t home, thank God) and the burst water pipes from that wiped out my entire first floor. Just this past week, restoration has begun. It may be another 2 months before the home is livable again. So far, I’ve been happy with the contractor and plumber I’d researched and hired; now waiting for the furnace guy to work his magic.

I also have pneumonia…again. I usually get it in the winter and thought I’d dodged the bullet this year, but couldn’t fight it off.

On happier notes, the First Presbyterian Church of Greensburg, which has a very impressive music ministry is interested in having us play for a service or two in the fall, and the music director has offered me space to teach flute and voice lessons this summer! I know many of you have been asking about lessons, and once I have 10 students on the roster, and am feeling better, I will begin teaching on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at the church.

The rate scale is based on a month’s worth of lessons and looks like this:


Let me know as soon as possible about your interest in lessons so I can get a schedule together and feel free to share the info with others.  I’d like to start in June.

I hope to see you at PTCB rehearsal very soon when I can breathe without coughing and make a joyful noise again.

Peace and happy fluting.




Great Fall/Winter Season!

Thank you for a great fall/winter season!

I’m so proud of your growth as individual flutists and as ensemble players.  Each season, we continue to improve musically and professionally, and there’s just no limit to our development.

It’s exciting, as a director, to issue music from the past and hear you play it with ease, and issue new music and be able to learn it more quickly than you would have a few years ago.

Thank you for your patience with me and my health struggles and Thank You, Jen, for being such a great assistant.

I wish all of you a most blessed Christmas and a happy, healthy, and flutey new year!!!

See you all in March!

God bless,


Phipp’s Tonight!

Good morning!

Looking forward to this evening’s performance at Phipp’s.

A few reminders:

1. Call time is 6 PM in the cafe area.

2. Dress is white top, black bottoms, and red or green scarf. Wear comfortable shoes.

3. We play in the palm court from 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM.

4. Bring a stand light as it is dim in there.

See you tonight!


Great Job!


Thank you for sharing your time and talent yesterday at Ft. Ligonier.  You sounded lovely, and, Jen, you had everything organized so we could just show up and play.  Thanks for your leadership!

Looking forward to rehearsing with whomever is available tomorrow night, 7 PM at Community United Methodist Church in Harrison City.

And I’ll see everyone else (but Jill) Wednesday night at Phipp’s where we’ll perform from 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM in the Palm Court. 

Let’s meet at 6 PM in the food court.

See you there!


Rehearsal Tonight!

Hello, ladies!

Just a friendly reminder that we will rehearse at Penn Pals tonight at 7 PM.  We’ll probably play until about 8:45 or so to get through all the music!

Speaking of music, last night at the PTCB rehearsal, I distributed some new music (very easy!) and the playlist for Sunday’s performance at the Ft. Ligonier Museum. This playlist and the playlist for both Phipp’s and PPG are available as PDF downloads under the ‘Performance Selections/Playlist’ link to the right of this post. To those who received the packet last night,  I made one change to the Ft. Ligonier list…please add Fum, Fum, Fum as #12 to Set List 1. Thanks!

I’ll have all of the music with me tonight in case someone needs a copy of any of the pieces.

If you have time, please put your music in the December 7 order for tonight so we can save rehearsal time.  Thanks much!

See you all later,


Great Job!

Hello, Ladies!

Congratulations on a fine performance at CUMC this morning!  I’m sure you received many compliments afterwards, and you certainly deserved each one of them!  You achieved a very full and lush sound that was balanced and well in tune. You also sounded relaxed and confident; a result of being well-prepared and aware of your surroundings and acoustics, having rehearsed in the church Friday evening.

I’m so very proud of you and the musicality that we’ve developed over the past few years. We keep getting better and better. Thank you so much for your dedication and commitment.

I’ll see you Wednesday, November 26, for a 7 PM rehearsal at Penn Pals. For those who are unable to be with us that night, have a blessed Thanksgiving and we’ll see you the following Tuesday, December 2, 7 PM, for rehearsal at Penn Pals, and then Tuesday, December 9, 7 PM at Community United Methodist Church (hopefully!–I’ll be calling their office about a rehearsal space tomorrow morning).  Bring all of your Christmas music to Wednesday evening’s rehearsal.

Thank you!


Rehearsal Update…

Hello, ladies!
I’ve had to tweak our rehearsal schedules some for the next couple of weeks, starting with tomorrow night.
1. Tomorrow night’s rehearsal, 11/19 is moved to Friday night, November 21, 7 PM at Community United Methodist Church (directions are on our website)
2. I’m going to keep rehearsal on Wednesday, November 26, 7 PM at Penn Pals
3.  Our December Rehearsals will both be on Tuesdays:  December 2 and December 9, since we play at Phipp’s on the 10th.
Sunday’s call time at Community Untied Methodist Church is 7:30 AM (yeah, I know). The bell choir will be rehearsing, so please enter quietly. We’ll run through our pieces after they finish running through theirs. The service begins at 8:30 AM.  
OK!  That’s all for now. Mark your calendars, and I’ll see you Friday.

Our next rehearsal…

Hi, ladies!

Good work Wednesday evening.

Our next rehearsal is Wednesday, November 12, 7 PM at Penn Pals.

Please bring all of your music including Christmas selections.

The music we will be playing at Community United Methodist Church in Harrison City at the 8:30 Service November 23 is:

  • Holy, Holy, Holy (NEW for some of you)
  • May the Lord Bless You and Keep You-with added vocal
  • La Rejouissance (NEW!)

See you soon!



Hello, ladies!

Tomorrow, Tuesday, October 28 is the Oktoberfest, our first performance of the fall/winter season.

Please arrive at Holy Trinity Lutheran church by 6:15 PM for dinner.  Dress is white top black bottoms and shoes. Bring your own music stand and a stand light just in case.  Directions and parking information are under the Directions link to the right, and the order of the music may be found under ‘Playlists’.

Also, we will not rehearse this Wednesday, October 29, and will resume rehearsing, Wednesday, November 5.

Looking forward to tomorrow night!